About Weed Coffee Roasting

Weed Coffee Roasting – A dream of many years ago come full circle.

So the story goes: two friends grow up together, skiing on Mt. Shasta. They grow to adults – one goes North to Oregon, the other goes South to San Francisco, circa 1980. Now fast forward to 2014 – both friends return to Weed, California for retirement – and the idea to live and work in Weed resurfaces.

Hmmmm….what could we do? Got it!

Weed Coffee Roasting – custom small batch coffee bean roasting with small town attention to detail and some serious efforts to be real, nice people you can actually speak with.

Our Coffee Philosophy

Keep it simple; the rest of your life is busy – crazy busy – so you don’t need pretentious “nose in the air” coffee.

We roast good coffee and we love our customers. It is really that simple.

We decided to make it mobile to bring to your farmers’ markets, fairs and festivals just so we could talk and interact with our customers.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to keep it small batch roasted – so you have nothing but the freshest roasted coffee beans available.

All coffee beans are roasted and shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Let Weed Coffee “roast one” for you!