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Decaf I Can Truly Love  
Toni Shade    Mount Laurel, NJ   

I have tried many online coffee roasters, searching for that sweet spot that combines quality coffee and good value. Decaf in particular is hard to get right. My search is over! This is fresh, aromatic, and utterly delicious coffee at a fair price. Best ever!

Smooth Sumatra  
Leisa    Red Bluff, CA   

The Sumatra is really good & smooth. A real treat......good to see you at the Bull Sale.

Alice Z    Bismarck. ND   

My first box of Weeds came today. I had gone looking for a new place to purchase "well done! coffee" I have not opened the box but the aroma came through not of just coffee but distinctive coffee. I ordered 4 kinds ... I smelled different areas of the box and the variation was there. Now I only need to decide on which to start.
Weed BOYS! Thank YOU. Not only are you gracious and kind in connecting but you ship fast. WOOHOO

High Quality and Delicious!  
Cheryl    Igo   

This company is amazing and has the best organic coffee! Highly recommended.

Expresso Blend  
Joel & Amy    Redbluff, CA   

We absolutely LOVE the new Espresso blend! We have a Keurig and I'm not thrilled with the kcups (they taste like watered down coffee to me). I have a single serve insert that you can put your own grounds in, Weed Coffee Roasting Espresso goes PERFECTLY with it! Now I can use my machine for amazing coffee and not just hot water :) I also have to mention the soaps are really great and I love the packaging!!!

The Best!  
Sandy    Bend, Oregon   

We picked up some Lemurian Coffee when in Weed recently and were wowed! We LOVED it! It's so aromatic and delicious, it's fresh and you can tell that the roasting process is a labor of love. 💖

Yum, this coffee is SO good!  
Marilyn Whitney    Winters   

My lifestyle basically revolves around drinking coffee :)
and the SisQ Cowboy coffee is some of the best I've ever had. Love it!!!

Alexander N.   

Thank you, Scott and Mary, just got your shipment, the coffee roast is perfect!
Until next time.

Zachary    Anderson, CA   

I picked up a bag of your coffee at the Siskiyou Gift Fair- man is it good! Dark, full flavored and not bitter- very smooth!

Ethiopian Yirgancheffe  
Shelly    Medford, OR   

I met you at the Southern Oregon Grape Fair yesterday. I was the one who said "The wine has to be red & dry and the coffee has to be dark & oily". I bought the Ethiopian Yirgancheffe but you never really know what you're getting until you prepare it your own way in your own kitchen. It smelled great and the little taste you gave me was wonderful but when I got it in my pot - Oh. My. Goodness. Fabulous flavor! Thank you so much!

I'm a Fanatic  
Jo Ann Towle    Placerville CA   

This Coffee is The Best and I'm a fanatic, really particular about quality since it kicks off my day! I've been a devoted customer since the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale almost a year now. I start every day with the Sumatra or Cowboy. It's a pleasure to be a supporter and thank you because it's like Christmas every couple weeks when that incredibly aromatic brown box awaits at my doorstep .... ahhhh my Weed Coffee!

Mt. Eddy Blend  
Allen    Medford, OR   

Mt Eddy Blend is GREAT !!! Kick ass tasty morning brew... Great way to get the start I needed !!! Cheers !!!

Meme    Redding, CA   

Mmmmmm amazing Sumatra Coffee,
Thank you for the Love!
Now im ready to start my day!!!

Outstanding Decaf  
Susan T.    Rogue River   

Coffee arrived yesterday. Outstanding decaf. Speedy delivery too.

SIS*Q Cowboy Coffee  
Greg    Redding, CA   

Outstanding coffee. Your SIS*Q Cowboy Coffee makes a great cup of coffee.

Travis    Yreka, CA   

You have some Uptown Coffee for some Down Home Folk!!

The Best Coffee EVER!!  
Amy Cathca    Beaverton, OR   

We happened to stop in the city of Weed on a road and picked up some of your marvelous coffee in a souvenir store. It is hands down the best we've ever had. We've been spreading the gospel of Weed Coffee Roasting wherever we go, and telling all our friends and family how amazing it is. The XX Mud is our favorite. Grind it up, brew yourself a pot of French Press with plenty of cream, and you've got the perfect way to start your day. Go buy some. Right now. Go!

First Cup  
Audra    Colusa, CA   

Enjoying my first cup of Weed Coffee Roasting Sumatra Medium Roast this morning while filling up my cart with Christmas orders and T-shirts! MMM-Good!

Fresh and rich by mail.  
Diana Wild    Condon, OR.   

Sis Q Cowboy coffee is rich and fresh! Very special for guests and everyday.

Look forward to the mornings!  
Jason D.    Talent, OR   

I tried all of the dark roasts as that is what I typically enjoy. After hearing about the Lemurian (which I almost didn't try), my morning mouth found a new best friend! I promise that I'll enjoy this one all the way til bedtime to have sweet dreams of my next cup!

Light Roast Rocks  
Ramneek    Livermore   

Hi guys! My wife and I are light roast snobs. Got your Lemurian and love it! We're from the Midwest and have bought from 4 other roasters. You are #1 for us. You've won our business. Thanks for keeping it so genuine and tasty!

I L-O-V-E Weed Coffee Roasting Coffee!  
Maria Terry    Hollister CA   

I prefer dark roast coffee - the darker the better. I've been ordering online, mostly XX Mud and Mt. Eddy. Next I will order Sis-Q. I need to rotate my coffee or I get "taste blind". I can't get coffee like this anywhere else, even from local roasters. I was ordering through a coffee club, no more. I log in to their website, order, pay and it shows up on my doorstep really fast. I don't need to buy grocery store coffee anymore. This is really, really good coffee. Fresh, full flavored and smooth. I am happy!

Jim and Gloria    CLAYTON, Ca.   

We bought your coffee at a little flower shop type store, that had all kinds of cute things they sold in it, by the HiLo Cafe inWeed, Ca. Must say, the best decaf coffee we’ve ever had. Just ordered two more bags!! You’ve got our business for life! Unbelievably makes a great cup of coffee!!!

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